Flights to Phuket

From Australia to Phuket

Virgin Australia: Operates direct flights from Australia to Phuket several times a week. Connecting flights from major Australian cities are also available.

Thai Airways: Thailand's national Airline carrier flies daily from major Australian cities to Phuket via Bangkok. Connecting flights to 11 destinations are available throughout domestic Thailand.

Jetstar: Operates direct flights from Australia to Phuket several days per week. Connections are available from most capital cities within Australia.

Singapore Airlines: Flights are available daily from most Australian capital cities via Singapore through to Phuket, Bangkok and Koh Samui.

Air Asia: Operates flights from a number of major Australian cities via Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and Phuket. Flights are also available via Denpasar to Bangkok and Phuket.

Malaysia Airlines: Departs from a number of Australian capitals to Phuket and Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur.

Transfers from the Airport to Resorts

While you can catch a taxi or shuttle transfer from the airport, we recommend booking your transfers with your hotel, using a recommended service provider. Simply add the transfers option to your quote or booking and we will look after the rest. This is a more secure and reliable option and by dealing with a credible operator you can be assured in your plans and financial security.


As many flights from Australia to Phuket fly via major Asian capitals (including Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Denpasar) it can be a great opportunity to explore another culture for a few hours. Stopovers are also a really relieving way to break up long haul flights. Before departure, be sure to check with the stopover country in question to ensure visas are not required. You may also have to pay an airport departure tax. It's also essential that you have enough time to return to the airport with 2 - 3 hours before your ongoing flight.

Further information on Bagkok Stopovers - See Bangkok stopovers.

Phuket Flights